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International Healthcare Metaverse Conference 2022

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Topic: A New Era for Innovative in Healthcare

A NEW Era for Innovative in Healthcare

Dear distinguished members and guests,

The last decade of advancements in technology has led to a new normal in living, society and the environment.
One could say it could be considered the most dynamic decade in human history. But, how will the next decade look?

We just changed the pattern in which we live our lives,
but in the next decade will we expand freedom and remove the limitations of time, space and people.

 In the last couple of years I have successfully led projects that have created interactive virtual operation rooms, virtual medical skill education programs, digital-based theragnosis, virtual medical conferences, and much more. I truly believe that extended reality technology will remedy unmet needs in our clinical, research and academic practices. I have confidence that extended reality mixed together with general purpose technologies from future healthcare like big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced networks will serve as a core element to help us recognize the path to universal health coverage. But still, many of our colleagues are not familiar and confident enough to venture into this new virtual world. I say, yes! Let’s venture. Let’s corporate to design a new metaverse experience where immersion, interaction, imagination and intelligence are all applicable and available for healthcare.

For the 2nd

‘International Healthcare Metaverse Conference (IHMC)’

We have prepared three sessions that will run together with a satellite surgical conference.

Session 1

We have invited hospitals and

medical societies to share their

experiences as it relates to

metaverse applications.

Session 2

Global leading XR and Metaverse technology leading companies will share their research, development and future plans. 

Session 3

We will provide an opportunity for XR/Metaverse application-based companies to introduce their products.

Satellite Surgical Conference

We will feature two surgeries set in a metaverse environment. One will be a minimally invasive cardiac surgery and the other will be a lung cancer surgery. Both surgeries are in collaboration with the Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery & the Asian Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Platform. 

This conference platform serves to enable everyone the ability to present and discuss the adoption of

XR-based technologies over various medical sectors and to explore revolutionizing service delivery models.

The new Healthcare Metaverse is ready to go. Let’s all join in on this new journey and do something special together for a healthier and happier world. 

 I hope all the attendees have a fruitful and memorable time at this conference. Our organizing committee is committed to giving their best efforts to make sure this conference is a huge success and a solid showing for the future of global healthcare.

President of the Society

Sanghoon Jheon, M.D, Ph.D

International Healthcare Metaverse Conference 2022



Seoul National University Bundang Hospital





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